Zixi county truth rural tourism

Trace the truth and return to the original heart

  Zixi Truth Countryside Tourism Landscape Belt is located within Wushi Town in the south of Zixi County, with Zixi-Chating provincial highway going through it; Hengshan Village, the seat of the town government, is 18 kilometers away from the county seat. The town is in charge of 10 villages and 1 neighborhood committee, with a population of 15 thousand. It covers a national territorial area of 130 square kilometers, including 18 thousand mu of farming land, with rice and tobacco as its main agricultural products. The town possesses beautiful mountains and clear waters; people here are simple and honest; it also enjoys a beautiful environment, with mountains towering in the east and west, 169.6 thousand mu of mountain forest, a forest coverage rate of above 80%. In September 2016, the new leading group launched a project with countryside tourism as a breakthrough; replying on the countryside customs of primitive simplicity, excellent ecological environment, and beautiful idyllic scenery, the project centers on the concepts of "countryside exploration and truth experience" and tries to create a countryside slow life featured, ecological tourism landscape corridor that integrates personalized village experience, farming work participation, rural food and accommodation perception, and Ming and Qing Dynasties culture appreciation, etc. This project is one of the demonstration projects for our country to explore and implement the "Rural Revitalization Strategy". As planned, this boutique tourism belt will receive an investment of RMB 250 million, occupies an area of 20 square kilometers, and covers 4 administrative villages and 46 natural villages; based on the cultural characteristics of different villages, it aims to build "one valley and three households", namely, "Wild Wolf Valley", "Chenfang Village of Ancient Charm --- Cousin's Household", "Caoping Village of Primitive Simplicity --- "Commune Household", and "Xinyue Village of Long History -- She Ethnic Household". Wherein, Chenfang Village lays its emphasis on the exploration of local history and culture, the recovery of Jiangxi Opera's performance, and cousin installing rafter and other folk customs, and creates cousin custom experience projects. With "Wild Wolf Valley" scenic area as its basis, Caoping Village rebuilds People's Commune and Dormitory for Educated Youth in the period of planned economy, and creates new ecological, leisure nursing home, boutique homestay, and countryside recreation and sports projects. Xinyue Village highlights the combination of folk culture with tourism, and create ethnic customs tourist attractions integrating experience of She ethnic folk customs, ecological tourism, agricultural sightseeing, and leisure and entertainment. On October 30, 2018, under the assessment of Jiangxi Tourism Resource Planning and Development Quality Evaluation Committee, Truth Countryside Tourism Landscape Belt was awarded as "Jiangxi Provincial AAAAA Countryside Tourism Spot".